Tonglen – Guided Meditations

Over the years I’ve taught a lot about tonglen – the practice of love and compassion combined with awareness of the breath. Usually I’ve taken the teaching deeper with guided meditations. Now Nagesvara has kindly gone through many of the recordings of these guided meditations made between 2015-17 and indexed them for easy reference.

The index is currently only available to members of the Triratna Buddhist Order. You will find it if you use your Order login to access the free buddhist audio site and then go to this page.

Tonglen is a wonderful way of working with bodhicitta which you can use in any life situation, right up to your last conscious breath. I hope these recordings will give you several helpful ways to approach the practice.


Guided Meditations on the System of Practice

There is a lot of audio material that you can listen to online from retreats that I’ve led over the last few years. That includes a set of 5 retreats I did at Adhisthana, exploring the different aspects of the mandala of practice that was outlined in his teaching by Sangharakshita. These are: integration, positive emotion, insight (or ‘spiritual death’), spiritual rebirth, and spiritual receptivity.

The recordings of all 5 retreats are all available on freebuddhistaudio. (The retreat on spiritual rebirth contains a lot of material on sadhana, and is restricted to Triratna Order members only.)

My friend Nagesvara has listened to the audio from all these 5 retreats and kindly put together a list of all the guided meditations from them. So if you don’t want to listen to the entire teaching, or you’re looking for a guided meditation on a particular topic, you can refer to his list.

With many thanks to Nagesvara for putting this together for us!

All good wishes,