Life Slides

As well as the short life story that you can find here, I would like to explore a few of the more interesting incidents in my life in more detail. Years ago, a friend of mine who was living in Mumbai (or Bombay as it was then) wrote an account of his life there by describing an imaginary slide show. I liked the way in which he built up these snapshots into a kind of verbal collage that gave a strong flavour of his life. So if I ever write a book of memoirs,  I don’t think it will be a connected account. I’ll just describe a moment, or an incident, and let them speak for themselves about my life.

I have quite a number of these moments or incidents that I’d like to write about. I think of them as ‘life slides’. Maybe one day I’ll produce a book: Life Slides by Vessantara, whose title will also be a reminder to me: Life Slides By, Vessantara.

As a start, I’m including a couple of these pieces here, and I’ll add more as time slides by.

It is 3am, pitch dark, and I am standing in the middle of Twickenham rugby stadium pouring out weed-killer onto the grass with shaking hands…Read more here.

I am sitting by the fire in a Norfolk cottage, opposite a man in slippers who I think can read my mind… Read more here.