Audio and Video

On this page I’ll be gathering together links to some of the audio and video of courses and retreats that I’ve done over the last few years. There is a lot of material, and I’ll add it here as I have time.

The Ocean of True Meaning

The retreat page for the December 2020 online retreat, with Video at the bottom of the page:

December 2020 Online retreat Video 

Transcripts/Full notes of the previous 3 retreats on the Ocean of True Meaning led by Vessantara can be found below:

Ocean of True Meaning – online 2020 tr. Vimalavajri

Ocean of True Meaning Vajraloka 2019 – tr. Tejasvini

Ocean of True Meaning – Vajraloka 2018 Full Notes

With many thanks to Vimalavajri, Tejasvini and Karunagita for their work.

Bodhicitta/ metta and positive emotion:

2020 Bodhicitta practice retreat Adhisthana

2020 When I Give I Give Myself Adhisthana

December 2020 Online metta retreat  – Love Without limits for experienced meditators, page with links to videos can be accessed here

2021 Seven-Point Mind Training Part 1 Adhisthana

2021 Seven-Point Mind Training Part 2 Adhisthana

Insight Practice Retreats

2019 Dukkha and the Unbiased with Saddhanandi at Adhisthana (audio only)

 2021 Shepherd’s Search for Mind Adhisthana

2022 Six Element Practice retreat Adhisthana


The Magic of Ritual and Devotion 

A 4-evening course I did at the Cambridge Buddhist Centre in Autumn 2014. The recordings include presentations, Q-and-As, guided meditations and rituals. The atmosphere was quite meditative, so it may all seem a bit slow if you’re listening to it on the commute to work… You’ll find the audio recordings here.