As Vijayamala doesn’t have her own website, I put details of retreats she is leading on my Teaching Programme page, so people can follow her future plans.

So I’ll also announce here that she has had to cancel the retreat that she was due to lead at Taraloka next month on the Root Verses of the Six Bardos. She needs to have a foot operation, which isn’t anything major in itself, but it takes about 10 weeks to fully recover from. She has been offered a date for the operation that will be shortly before the Taraloka retreat, when she would still be recovering, and with a foot in plaster. She couldn’t postpone the operation as she needs to be fully fit for the 2-month Order retreat that she and I are doing in the Gower in Jan/Feb, and she wouldn’t have enough time.

Hopefully there will be more opportunities to practise with her next year…

All good wishes,