In recent years I’ve led many retreats, and quite a few have been transcribed. Some will hopefully form the basis of new books, but I’m also going to make some available here.

To start with, here are a couple for Order members. As they are about sadhanas, I’ve password-protected them. If you’re an Order member you can access them with the same password you use to access the Order website.

White Tara Sadhana Retreat

Adhisthana 2019 (Edited transcript)

This gives a full introduction to the White Tara sadhana that came into the Order from Dhardo Rinpoche. It also discusses themes that are common to many sadhanas, such as meditation on emptiness, and how to approach self-visualization.

Vajrasattva Sadhana Retreat

Adhisthana 2018 (Vidyadevi’s notes)

This is a retreat I led with Punyamala on the Vajrasattva mula yoga practice.  Vidyadevi was on the retreat, and anyone who knows her will be able to guess that she is an excellent note-taker!