I’ve just revised the dates for the Order retreat that I’m leading at Adhisthana next April. It’s on the Six Element Practice, as the first in a short series of retreats on Unfolding Paths to Insight. I’m really looking forward to doing it, as I think the practice can be unpacked and approached in many different ways, both as a series of reflections and using a direct experience approach. I want to see how far we can take it. I also hope that both fans of the practice and those who have never done it or have been turned off by it will all sign up, in person or online, to help us find ways into the heart of the practice that can work for everyone.

The new dates are the 14th – 22nd April. So it goes over the Easter Bank holiday, starting on the Thursday evening before Good Friday (which in the UK is a bank holiday) and finishes on the following Friday morning.

You’ll find details of how to book on my Programme page.

All good wishes,