Next month I shall be leading another online retreat for Order members, following on from the very successful one on the Bodhicitta Practice we held last month, which had 135 participants. Dates are the 7th – 12th of November, and we’ll be going deeper into meditation practices on the bodhisattva path. (For full details see here.)

Like last time, we’re making special arrangements for people in Australia and New Zealand.  I’ve shifted one of the teaching sessions to make it easier for you to participate live. And Dharmananda will again be ‘convening’ and helping arrange things so you can meet in groups at times that work for you. Last time, he and Maitripala did it between them, but this time she isn’t available (hope the house move goes well!), so  Dharmananda will have another sidekick.

It was great seeing so many of you on the last retreat,  I hope you’ll make it this time.

All good wishes,