Visit to Tibet

In September 2006, Vijayamala and I visited Nepal and Tibet. Here you’ll find accounts of our trip, as well as links to sets of photos. Vijayamala has written an account of our first few days in Nepal, and her first impressions of Tibet. I’ve also written a long article about our time in Tibet. We went with some students of Dagyab Rinpoche, my Tibetan teacher in Germany. They asked me to write about the trip for Chökor, the magazine of TibetHaus, Frankfurt, of which Dagyab Rinpoche is the spiritual director.

Vijayamala’s article

My article

You can also see photos of Nepal and two large sets of photos of Tibet, which you can view with captions, or as a slideshow:

Photos of Nepal: view as pictures or as a slideshow

Photos of Tibet 1: view as pictures or as a slideshow.

Photos of Tibet 2: [will be available shortly]