Qigong in Wiltshire

In early December I spent three days practising Qigong in Wiltshire. Qigong (or, if you prefer, Chi kung) is, roughly speaking, a kind of Chinese Yoga. In its external forms it uses movement – usually slow and gentle – to enhance the life force. It is both energising and relaxing.

The course was led by Chris Jarmey, the Director of the European Shiatsu School, and a very experienced Qigong practitioner. I’d been very taken with his book The Theory and Practice of Taiji Qigong, which I’d found very clear and helpful. Sometimes Taiji Qigong is seen as a rather superficial form of Qigong, but he had included visualizations and other subtleties that make it an ideal way for someone to practise safely at a deeper level without the need for constant supervision. So I decided to go and meet the author.

Chris is a very good teacher. For me it’s a bonus that he also has a Tibetan Buddhist teacher (and that he’s a nice guy!). He’s based near Marlborough, and in good weather his classes are all done outside against the backdrop of some fine scenery. I’ll be heading back to Wiltshire in 2007…