Poem: Square Peg

Rivendell Retreat Centre, March 2004

You have always felt
Like a square peg,
An awkward bull
In a porcelain world.

How did you come to be here?
In the wrong place,
At the wrong time,
Born into the wrong family,
Doing the wrong job,
In the wrong life?

Yet maybe, just maybe,
All that’s wrong
Is with how you have learned
To see all this.

Perhaps you just lost your way
In a maze of comparisons,
Always measuring yourself
Against a perfection
That never existed
Outside the web
Of your own ideas.

And maybe, just maybe,
One day you will see
That everything was always fine,
That life happened to have
A wrong-shaped space
That just needed your appearance
To make it complete.

And maybe, just maybe,
One day you will put down
All the doubts and judgments
To find yourself
Still the same improbably square peg
Fitting snugly,
Into the perfect circle of reality.

From my first collection of poems. Thirty dragons and other poems, available from Lulu.