Practice resources

Talks on FreeBuddhistAudio

This is a website  that holds a huge archive of recordings of Dharma talks. If you search you’ll find some  talks that I’ve given over the years. There are some gems and nuggets in them, but please be aware that some of them date from years ago, and my approach to Buddhism and meditation may have developed a lot since then.


I really love a lot of traditional Dharma songs and pujas, but there are times when I want something a bit more contemporary — something that speaks my language rather than the language of ancient India or Tibet. Sometimes friends of mine produce something that hits the spot. But when something is needed and all else fails, I have a go at writing something myself. So from time to time I’ll share with you pujas that I’m wholly or partly responsible for.


A selection of articles and transcripts of talks that I have given over the  years. 


I don’t think of myself as a poet, but occasionally on meditation retreats I find myself writing something. These are some poems that people have asked for copies of.

Audio & video

links to some of the audio and video of courses and retreats that I’ve done over the last few years.

Guided meditations

A list of all the guided meditations from 5 of my retreats at Adhisthana.

Dharma texts

Some of the Dharma texts used on retreats and workshops that I’ve led. In this way participants (and anyone else) can download them.