Meeting The Buddhas

My first book, written over a 5-year period before its final publication in 1993 – and still selling well all these years later!  Now in a new revised edition, it  covers all the main figures that are meditated on in the Indo-Tibetan Buddhist tradition. I give a great deal of information about the figures but, even more important, I’ve tried to convey a real ‘feel’ for them and the magical world into which meditation on them can lead. All these different figures embody enlightened qualities: wisdom, compassion, peace , freedom, and so on. Using this book as a guide, you can engage with the figures and activate those qualities within yourself.

Windhorse Publications, Cambridge UK, 2022.

Paperback 432 pages, 27 colour plates and 36 illustrations. UK price: £18.99.

You can buy it from Windhorse, or elsewhere.

Also available as an eBook from Windhorse Publications.

There are also German and Dutch translations available of earlier editions.

The Heart

The second in the series on The Art of Meditation. This deals with loving-kindness meditation. As with The Breath, I’ve aimed to make it useful for both newcomers and experienced meditators. I’ve been using material from it on retreats that I’ve led, and had very positive feedback.

Windhorse Publications, Birmingham UK, 2006.

Paperback, 144 pages.

ISBN: 9781899579716.

Also available as an eBook from Windhorse and an audiobook from Audible.


The Breath

The first in the series on The Art of Meditation, this is an introduction to meditation on the breath. Whilst it will give complete newcomers a guiding hand in setting up a practice, I’ve done my best to give it some depth so that more experienced meditators will benefit as well.

Windhorse Publications, Birmingham 2005.

Paperback 144 pages.

Also available as an eBook and as an audiobook from Audible.

ISBN: 9781899579693

Female Deities in Buddhism

An introduction to female figures in Buddhism, including Tara, Prajnaparamita, Dakinis, Kuan Yin and others. Each of these figures is a kind of mirror in which we can see our own potential for wisdom, compassion and freedom. Some of the material appeared in Meeting the Buddhas, so if you already have that book then check before buying that you want this one for the new material.

Windhorse Publications, Birmingham UK, 2003.

Paperback, 126 pages, 8 colour plates


Price: UK £8.99, USA: $12.95.

Tales of Freedom: Wisdom from the Buddhist Tradition

Everyone loves a good story. Here are 9 of them from the treasure trove of the Buddhist tradition, plus one cautionary tale from the West…

In each chapter I recount a story and then unpack it in different ways to bring out its deeper meaning and significance for Dharma practice. Each story contains a nugget of freedom, something we can learn that will make our lives more fulfilling. The book has been used in courses at Buddhist centres as an accessible way of exploring the Dharma. Personally I think it’s worth buying just for the tiger on the front cover!

Windhorse Publications, new edition 2017.

Paperback and eBook, 224 pages.

Vajra and Bell

The vajra and bell are central symbols of Tibetan Buddhism and its ritual. The vajra has all the qualities of both the diamond and the thunderbolt, and stands for compassionate activity. The bell incorporates a whole mandala, and is a symbol of wisdom. Bringing the two togetheer adds further levels of meaning, and points to our potential to develop states of mind in which wisdom and compassion, bliss and emptiness, are combined in one extraordinary experience. (The book is part of Windhorse Publications’ series on Buddhist symbols.)

Windhorse Publications, Birmingham 2001.

Paperback and eBook, 78 pages, 8 colour plates.


The Five Female Buddhas

Private edition, 2004.

Laminated cover, spiral bound,

96 A4 pages, 5 colour illustrations.

An account of the introduction of the Five Female Buddhas into the practice of the Triratna Buddhist Order, along with an in-depth commentary on the pujas to these five beautiful figures.

This book is currently out of print, but you can read it or download it here: Five Female Buddhas