Yes, it’s an Iberian Lynx… But while you’re here you can also click on the Links below, which will take you to some of the sites that I find valuable.

Triratna This is the main site, and will give you access to many other Triratna sites for Buddhist centres and groups around the world.

Sangharakshita This site gives a good introduction to Sangharakshita, including a short autobiographical piece, free e-books of some of his writings, as well as links to some of his most important lectures, and much else besides.

Dagyab Rinpoche This is his profile on the TibetHaus Frankfurt site.

Awakeningtosanity This is Lama Tilmann’s website, in several languages. (The name reflects the fact that Tilmann trained as a doctor and homeopath before he became a Buddhist teacher, so he has a very strong belief that practising the Dharma should be healthy for both mind and body.)

Wildmind – A site that offers online courses in meditation and Buddhism. – has hundreds of Dharma talks to listen to or download. (Including some of mine.)