A Buddhist life


There are currently eleven books with my name on – although one has now been split into three. In order of publication they are:

Meeting the Buddhas – 1993 (republished in 3 separate volumes in 2008, see below). This original version is only available in hardback.  It has also been translated into German and Dutch.

The Mandala of the Five Buddhas – 1999 (Now out of print and replaced by A Guide to the Buddhas.)

Tales of Freedom – 2000

The Vajra and Bell – 2001

Female Deities in Buddhism – 2003

The Five Female Buddhas – 2004

The Breath (Art of Meditation series) – 2005

The Heart (Art of Meditation series) – 2006

A Guide to the Buddhas (Part 1 of Meeting the Buddhas) – 2008

A Guide to the Bodhisattvas (Part 2 of Meeting the Buddhas) – 2008

A Guide to the Deities of the Tantra (Part 3 of Meeting the Buddhas) – 2008