The Ocean of True Meaning

Online Order Meditation Retreat

Monday 7th to Friday 11th December i

This retreat follows on from retreats that I have done  previously at Vajraloka and elsewhere, exploring aspects of insight and meditation using a traditional meditation manual written by the 9th Karmapa The Ocean of True Meaning, from the Mahamudra tradition. It’s a text that’s very close to my heart and I’ve used it a lot in my own practice. We will be looking at material from the shamatha and vipassana sections which I haven’t  taught before.

The retreat is  an Order retreat, but you don’t need any previous experience of the material or Mahamudra meditation to join.  The teaching will be experientially based and any extracts from the book will be provided.

However if you are interested, you might like to know that you can buy The Ocean of True Meaning from Book Depository for around £20,  31 AUD  at:


The teaching sessions will be at times that are likely to suit the majority of Order members from around the world. With such a spread of time zones, we can’t accommodate everyone. So, if you can’t attend a live session, we aim to make recordings available to watch later for those booked on the retreat.

The following times are all UK time:

Session 1: 10am–12 noon: Teaching session with Vessantara.

Session 2: 4.00 – 4.45pm: Small groups.
4.45 – 5.30pm: Led practice   with Vessantara.

Session 3: 8 – 9pm: Teaching session with Vessantara.

The retreat will begin with session 1 at 10am on Monday the 7th, and finish after session 3, at 9pm on Friday the 11th December.

To book: please email by  clicking here   and putting Ocean in the subject line and you will be sent a zoom link and a link to a retreat page where you will be able to make a donation for the retreat .