Retreats and Seminars

As well as leading retreats at some of our established retreat venues, I also run seminars and retreats with Vijayamala. From 2012-16 we led a large number of them, keeping numbers down to seven or eight people apart from us. These small numbers gave us the opportunity to explore themes and practise together in a way tailored to people’s needs and interests, and to get to know them in more depth than is possible on a larger retreat.

In 2017-18 we took a couple of years out, to concentrate on other projects. For the future, we’re focusing on providing longer retreats for Order members. The first will happen in South Wales in the winter of 2019. If that goes well, we plan to offer more in future years – especially as this first one was over 3 times oversubscribed!

If you’re an Order member interested in these events then feel free to contact me.