Buddhist visualization meditation has been one of my great loves ever since I first practised it in 1971. Words like ‘wisdom’ and ‘compassion’ can be inspiring, but often our response to them stays largely on the level of concepts. Through visualization, Buddhism aims to give us a strong experience of being in the presence of Enlightenment. Visualization is a kind of dramatised enactment of how we shall experience things at the ‘endless end’ of the Buddhist Path.

This kind of meditation is mainly practised within Tibetan Buddhism. Although the texts give very detailed descriptions of what to visualize, many people are given only relatively basic instruction in how to visualize. Also Tibetan lamas do not always understand that many westerners bring to these practices a world-view which makes it very difficult for the practices to work successfully.

So this is an area that I want to write about, and I shall be posting material about it here. if you have any thoughts about how westerners respond to visualization, and ways of communicating the practices that would help people to get on well with them, then I’d be happy to hear from you. You can contact me here.