When I returned from my 3-year retreat in November 2011,  I wanted to do everything I could to share what I had gained. So I decided to devote  myself full-time to Dharma teaching, leading retreats and writing. This was a bit of a risk, as I don’t have an independent income, so I need to rely a lot on donations. People have been very generous, and I am managing to share the Dharma in many ways without going into the red

If you would like to support my work, then if you live in the UK you can do so via my new Just Giving page. I’m grateful to the Triratna Chairs Assembly for enabling me to make use of their Just Giving facility, which means they can reclaim the Gift Aid on donations on my behalf. So if you’re a UK taxpayer, it would be great if you could donate in this way. if you live overseas and would like to help, then please contact me.